Posted on: March 16, 2009 12:39 pm

The Pirates should go after Martinez

Last year the Pittsburgh Pirates starting rotation had a league worst ERA at 5. Pedro Martinez, last time I checked, had not signed with any clubs yet. He wants around $5 million for a one year deal. The Pirates should make him an offer for just that. After having a 5 ERA, obviously the starting rotation could not do any worse. That was the weakest part of the Pirates last year, and this offseason nothing has been done to improve the starting pitching. Tom Gorzelanny, Paul Maholm, Ian Snell, and Zach Duke are 4 starters this year that started last year. They are younger guys that have had some experience now in the majors. There is a new pitching coach, and if the Pirates added Pedro into that rotation, those younger pitchers will learn alot from Pedro.

Here is what the $5 million will get the Pirates. First of all, it brings them a starting pitcher that can win games. The downside to that is his endurance is down, so he may only get 5-6 innings per start. However, the Pirates bullpen is strong enough to carry the load for an extra inning or two. The bullpen will also be able to come into the game with a more managable situation. Another thing the $5 million buys is added experience. Pedro has been in the playoffs, he has won a World Series with the Red Sox, he has been on center stage for a team, he has been in a fierce rivalry with the Yankees, he has been on a Mets team that collapsed twice, and he has also been on losing teams. He will be able to mentor the young pitching staff of the Pirates with game, seasonal, and career experiences. Pedro is also a guy that likes to have fun. He will be able to make it fun for the other pitchers even during the losing times.

Overall, if the Pirates were to go after Pedro Martinez, it would be a very worthy $5 million investment. He will be able to get more wins than whatever other 5th starter the Pirates will get, and he will teach the younger pitchers, which is worth every cent of that $5 million.

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