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Posted on: October 19, 2010 9:33 am

NFL head hits

So Commissioner Goodell is making the league worse by suspending players for helmet to helmet hits.  This is a horrible decision.  Yes I understand player protection is needed.  However, turning the league into an offensive frenzy is the worse thing to do.  Listen, you already cannot hit quarterbacks and now Goodell is making it so that you cannot hit wide recievers.  Is he going to tell running backs they cannot lower their helmets now when hitting the hole to make it fair for everyone?

You want the head hits to stop?  Stop loosening the rules to make it easier for the offense.  Look at these head hits, they were all because of the quarterback.  The media keeps showing these head hits...look at the passes.  In the middle of the field, leading the player, throwing it to a reciever completely covered, over his head...  These quarterbacks are taking more risks now to throw the ball into situations that get their players hurt.  In the 70's, no teams wanted to throw in the middle, and they did not.  Now because quarterbacks know they can get a penalty if it is an incompletetion, they are taking the risk and leading their recievers into trouble.  There used to be a time when a reciever could trust his quarterback to take care of him, meaning throw him the ball in a spot that is going to protect him.  Look at the quarterbacks this week whose players got hurt.  Joe Flacco and Colt McCoy?  Those passes that hurt their reciever never should have been made.  They were horrible passes that lead their reciever into trouble, put the reciever in a defenseless position, and lead to the head hits. 

Basically, if the NFL wants the head hits to stop, stop making this a pass, pass, and pass league.  You have mediocore quarterbacks like Joe Flacco leading his men into danger because they are not good enough to read defenses and put the ball into a place that protects their players.  You never see the elite quarterbacks like Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, or Drew Brees hang their players out to dry with a vicious hit.  No because they have ball control and brains to know the danger of hanging their player out to dry in the middle of the field.
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